Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bayambang Prepares for Quadricentennial

Bayambang--The Parish of Saint Vincent Ferrer will be celebrating its quadricentennial in April 2014 and is now coordinating with the municipal government for a joint celebration but separate activities. Already, the municipal government has already mobilized a team to research on the history of the township of Bayambang 400 years ago. The municipal team made a notable study of the establishment of Bayambang as town intertwined with the history of the Parish. The Team Ministers are comsidering a fluvial opening, as the beginnings of the Parish could be traced to the community which emerged along the river bank of Agno River, the major river in Pangasinan. According to historical records, Bayambang or known as Malunguey or Balunguey then was engulfed in forests. The river was the only way to do commerce, to travel, to trade, and for the first wave of CSpanish friars to come to Bayambang. Perhaps, there will be another event at the original site of the Parish before it was moved to the present site. Perhaps a historical society of the Parish can really enlighten us with comprehensive account. And maybe the same historical society can manage an interactive museum. The coordination between the Parish and the municipal government is still in its first phase, and much will be needed for a full celebration of the anniversary.

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