Friday, April 20, 2012

Theology Seminary Fund Raising

SVF-A meeting is set tomorrow by Fr. Rolando Salosagcol, the Team Ministry moderator, for the different religious organizations in the Parish for the the collections for the Theology Seminary in San Fabian. Already, the lay leaders have been expecting this meeting because of the lack of information on how to go about the solicitations. Fr. Rolly is ever positive that the quota will be met before the feast of Pentecost. 

400 BECs, On the Way

SVF-The preparations for the Quadricentennial of Bayambang involve anything that is 400. In the proposed 400-day preparation for the event, December 2013 will be dedicated to the start of 400 Basic Ecclesial Communities in the Parish. This plan is in consonance with the vision-mission of the celebration: "... to be grateful celebrators of the centuries-old Faith, to be worthy stewards of the memories of the past, to pass on the patrimonies to the next generations, under the patronage of Saint Vincent Ferrer." This plan is about starting a new generation of new basic churches to furthermore enhance the living Faith in Bayambang.

Sounds ambitious? 400 is just a symbol. Fr. Anthony Layog, a Team Ministry member, cannot wait for December so he decided to draw the "battle plan" early. Already, the vestiges of the past parish priest, Rev. Fr. John Palinar, became immediate sources for the realization of the plan. They included the creation of several BEC Teams, but these were immediately discontinued. So Fr. Layog met some of the members to re-form them with the task of  learning more skills and recruiting more lay leaders. The Team is still expected to organize themselves, task themselves, and learn and re-learn newer approaches and styles of forming BECs. Fr. Layog is set to polish the BEC Manual, re-arrange the parts and insert new things.Maybe by December, there will be 400 BECs.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prospective Lectors

SVF-This week is the second week of a handful of young girls and boys in the ministry of Lectors. After meeting with the Lectors, the group agreed to allow Fr. Anthony Layog to enable some 14 year olds, boys and girls, to do the readings during weekday Masses. This move, approved by the Team Ministry, is in accordance with the wish of the Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan, to infuse young blood to the lay ministry of all parishes. This is not to say that lay ministers of more mature age will be eliminated from the ministry. In fact, the "older" ministers were given recently an allowance to serve until 2014.

The matter of age is in reality a practical but important matter in the parishes. The older ministers in our Parish contend that during class days, they are the most available, and consistently present during Mass. Besides, their experience goes beyond doing the readings. They could also sing, and lead the other community prayers such as the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. However, these invaluable services will  never compensate for the inability to attend updating and meeting with priest-in-charge even after countless reminders and calls, or accept correction and admonitions.

Older people in Bayambang lay ministry have retained "improper traditions" in their system that cannot be overcome by the younger parish priests. Lay ministers tend to "just do their own thing" and nothing else. They are not even involved in apostolate. The older ministers should realize that whatever they did is invaluable to the growth of the Parish, but the Parish must move on towards greater growth. Pain is essential to growth.

Besides, the younger generation are easier to manageand be taught the proper ways more stringently. They attend meetings easily and can be directed to do other multiple tasks, especially apostolate. There is nothing that cannot be achieved by training and formation in this ministry. Besides lay ministry cannot exist apart from the ordained ministry. The Team Ministry have high hopes for the new lectors.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MBG Off to San Jose, Tarlac

San Jose, Tarlac--The Mother Butler Guild and other parishioners of Saint Vincent parish went to visit the monstery of Servants of the Risen Christ Monastic Community in San Jose, Tarlac as part of Lenten sacrifice. The group was led by Fr. Rolly Salosagcol. Today is Holy Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Parish Catechists On Their Toes!

SVF--The Parish Catechists are seriously considering preparing themselves for apostolate in the next academic year 2012-2013. The Archbishop, Most Reverend Socrates Villegas, DD called the fraternal attention of the clergy to the "Readings on the Age of  First Holy Communion" The good news is that more children can now receive holy communion, and more catechists hopefully will volunteer.

The letter reads: "The general disposition of the Holy See is that First Communion must not be delayed and that as soon as the age of reason is reached the child must be prepared for First Communion. The age of reason is generally understood as seven years old. Considering that child education begins at six years old in kindergarten, let us consider starting catechesis earlier as well. before our children are taken over by secularism."

Daily approach to Communion is open to all, old and young, and two conditions only are required: the state of grace and a right intention.

SVF Parishioners Make Surip Trip

Bani, Pangasinan-- Fr. Rolly Salosagcol, together with Parishioners of Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish went to Surip in Bani Pangasinan. They will attend the Mass to be celebrated by Bishop Marlo Peralta and his clergy, aftewhich will be the Stations of the Cross. This event is the first time that the Parishioners gathered for Lakbay-Aral, and at the same time, a chance to renew their faith. Today is Holy Tuesday.

Holy Week 2012 Schedule


PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD'S PASSION - (Blessing of palm branches )
     5:15am 1st Mass
     6:30 am 2nd Mass
     7:45 am 3rd Mass
     9:00 am 4th Mass
     5 pm. 5 th Mass
     6:15 am - Holy Mass
     9am-Celebrating the Liberating mercy of God: KUMPISALANG BAYAN

     6:15 am - Holy Mass

     6:15am - Holy Mass
     6:00am - Lakbay ARAL (San Jose, Tarlac)

     CHRISM MASS ( Dagupan Cathedral )
       8am - Morning Prayer
       9am - HOLY MASS

Parish Schedule
     4 pm - LAST SUPPER MASS ( church )
        Last Supper Mass
        Washing of the feet

     9am: Stations of the Cross along Pob. area
     3 pm: Good Friday Liturgy ( veneration of the cross, procession of Santo Bangkay )
     3 pm ( MANAMBONG SUR, TANOLONG Adan and Eva, SAPANG)
     Good Friday Liturgy ( veneration of the cross)

     7 pm: EASTER VIGIL ( blessing of fire, water, Easter candle and renewal of
     Baptismal promises)

     4:30 am : EASTER SALUBONG ( Abet- Abet)
     5:15 am:  1st Mass
     6: 30 am:  2nd Mass
     7:45 am :  3rd Mass
     9:00am:    4th Mass
     5pm:         5th Mass