Saturday, March 31, 2012

Penitential Service for PREX

SVF-The PREX people of the Parish gathered yesterday evening at the Parish church for a penitential service. More than twenty people came for the service. This is the first time the service was offered to them by the Team Ministry of Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish, and Fr. Primo Aquino, the spiritual director was elated. He presided over the liturgy which ended with a joyful agape. During this Lenten season, such an activity is very appropriate. Though experimental, the participants were so grateful that they were asking if the service. Ouls be made into a regular thing. The Team Ministers are more than happy to oblige. Although now that there 21 batches already in PREX, the percntage of attendance is really dismal. But who knows, grace would find a wayto make the group grow in number.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lectors' Meeting on Mass Offering

SVF-- The regular Lectors' Fellowship this month focused on the new Archdiocesan directives and rulings regarding Mass Offerings:
     1. The "fixed offerings" for the celebration of the Mass is hereby abolished.
     2. The faithful may choose the Mass date and time for which they wish the prayer intention to be remembered by the priest but they are encouraged to be physically present and participate in the Mass as much as possible. The public announcement of their intention is not necessary but to be done for the comfort of those who are offering.

And also the Liturgical Directives
     3. The Mass intentions must be announced before the singing of the entrance song. They must not be read during the presentation of gifts or while Holy Communion is being distributed.
     4. The reading of the Mass intentions must not delay the beginning of the Mass as scheduled.
     5. The Mass intentions will be clustered under three general classes: thanksgiving, special intentions and etnal repose. These three and nothing else.
     6. Only baptismal names without surnames are mentioned in the Mass intentions.
     7. No eading of Mass intentions from envelopes, but from that which was prepared beforehand by the Parish secretary at the office.

The new younger lectors this year shall be exposed to the ministry during summer weekday celebrations. And on February 2014, the old lectors will make a graceful exit during the celebrations of the Quadricentennial of the Parish of Saint Vincent Ferrer. These matters will be effective on April 8, 2012 Easter Sunday.

Holy Week of the Barnabites in Sapang

Sapang--Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan has invited the Barnabite priests or the Clerics Regular of St. Paul (CRSP)in the Philippines to celebrate Holy Week with the people of Sapang. The delegation was led by Fr. Arvin, together with another priest and four seminarians. They arrived this afternoon in Sapang and are staying in one of the well known people in Sapang.

BBS for Catechists and Altar Servers

SVF--Today, the Archdiocesan Biblical Team started a Basic Bible Seminar for some twenty people from the catechetical and liturgical ministries. The Basic Bible Seminar or BBS was led by Mrs. Betty Nebres from St. Ildephonse Parish, Malasiqui, Pangasinan. Besides being the Vicariate coordinator for Social Action, she is also an active charismatic. Today she gave the orientation seminar and led the biblr enthronement ceremony with Fr. Anthony Layog. The Seminar will proceed until Sunday afternoon when they will be given their certificates of completion. The Seminar was given partly because of the catechists as a refresher course, and partly because of the altar servers, some of whom will begin during as lectors during summer.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preparing the Quadricentennial Celebration Fluvial Blessing of Agno River

SVF--As the quadricentennial celebration of Bayambang, Pangasinan approaches, preparations for the celebration are at their peak especially in line with research of many things. The Parish Team Ministry is particularly interested how the town got its name. 

Bayambang, according to common lore and folktales, came from the name of a tree called "culibangbang" (Bauhinia Acuminate). Its leaves were used to make bulalong Iloko or sinigang. These trees grew in abundance in Bayambang.


Digging deeper into real history, there are more interesting things. Before Bayambang came to be the town that it is now, a human settlement existed along the banks of Agno River, which was teeming with fish. (Mangabol Lake comes to mind.) It could be assumed that the inhabitants then were Negritos (because of the natural food source, or peoples from nearby villages of Tarlac. 

The story of the coming of the Christian faith in Bayambang began with the Spanish Dominican friars in 1587 coming from San Carlos City (this town circa 1613), then called by another name. Bayambang, like other places in Pangasinan during that period 1600s was covered with forests, a terrible hindrance to travel. If it were true that the Dominicans that came first to Bayambang were from San Carlos, then the only plausible route from San Carlos to Bayambang was by water, the Agno River. These missionaries encountered the settlements along the riverbanks along the area now called Wawa, Bayambang. It was in Inirangan that these missionaries were said to establish a community. Inirangan was called Telbang (a tree) and Malunguey (intercessor).    

As the town did not yet exist, the Spaniards had to name the place according to landmarks, trees most probably. According to the research of one historian, the original name of Bayambang was Telbang (Bagbag in Ilokano, Dapdap in other dialects, scientific name: Erythrina variegata Linn. var. orientalis (Linn.). This tree grew in abundance in the area of what is now Inirangan. A barrio in Bayambang is called Telbang which is on higher ground. This could not be the old Telbang which was said to be frequently inundated. Perhaps, this barrio was named in memory of the Telbang that was erased by the lahar/deluge of the past. Both Inirangan and Telbang by the way have Saint Vincent Ferrer as patron saints.

Inirangan was used to be called Telbang and also Malunguey, according to one historian, which meant prayer-leader in a local dialect. It closely resembles the name of a tree called the Drumstick Tree or Malungay (malungey in Puerto Rico, scientific name: moringa oleifera. The reference to something religious will be attributed to the fact that Inirangan was very much prone to serious inundations. According to another historian, these deluges eventually destroyed the chapel with a rank of visita of Telbang, together with the settlement. There is no record of any eruption of Mt. Pinatubo during the time although one historian says that lahar destroyed the church and the settlements. There is a fork in the river where the Tarlac river (from Mt. Pinatubo) meets the Agno River. The village at the fork was named San Vicente, probably named after the miraculous saint to protect the place from future deluges. A miracle saving "the town of Bayambang" from a deluge was attributed to this saint.

Therefore, after these watery experiences, the settlement had to be transferred to higher ground, the present Bayambang. 

Bayambang is not a tree name, but a plant name: Deeringia polysperma (Roxb.) Moq. Amaranthaceae or Bayambang which according to history "The verdant hills of Bayambang were almost covered by these plants. The people made pickles out of them." -- from Wikipedia under "bayambang". This plant is now very rare in Bayambang maybe because of overharvesting or because it was so common (like the star apple now also growing very rare), so people did not think of preserving it since it was in abundance. This plant was probably the only landmark to identify the place.

Come  March 1, 2014, the start of the 400 days preparation before April 5, 2014 Quadricentennial celebrations, the Agno River will be blessed by the Archbishop, or as proposed to commemorate the birth of faith in Bayambang and to educate the people on the origins of the town.

Pancho, J.V. 1983. Vascular Flora of Mount Makiling and Vicinity (Luzon: Philippines) Part 1. Kalikasan, The Philippine Journal of Biology, Supplement Number 1, Kalikasan Press, Manila.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jubilee of Fathers Vicariate Celebration

SVF--The Saint Vincent Catholic School Was the venue of the Vicariate celebration of the Jubilee of Fathers, the second of the twelve month preparation for the golden anniversary of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan. Delegates from the parishes of Bautista, Villanueva, Wawa, Carungay, Don Pedro, Canan and Bayambang gathered for a spiritual recollection punctuated by a procession of the image of Saint Joseph, a spiritual talk, and a Mass concelebrated by the priests from the Vicariate of Saint Vincent Ferrer. (March 18, 2012)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grace Upon Sapang

Sapang--Daily Masses were offered by Fr. Jimmy for the people of Sapang, and according to the people of Sapang, the celebrations were beautiful and solemn. Yesterday was the last day of the Barnabites in Sapang, and the spirit of joy and celebration never waned. The team saw how the people lived and shared with them the life of faith. They are now ready to tell their confreres in Manila about Sapang and when they will move in. Already the Archdiocese is anxiously waiting for the quick response of the Barnabites so the sooner Sapang will become a parish someday.

A despedida party was offered in honor of the Barnabites, for tonight they will leave for Manila.

To this day, the last of the signatories of the land donation by the Maningding family is being sought, in time for the ground breaking in April. God's grace has come upon the humble people of Sapang.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vocation Campaign Among the Young

Sapang--The grade six students of the Central School in Sapang enjoyed listening yesterday to the jokes and stories of the postulants and Fr. Jimmy as they made a vocation campaign among them. This is the fifth day of their pastoral immersion since they arrived in March 5. By this time, the team had met many young people of the places they visited in the past four days: Sapang, Duera, Banaban, Asin, Amamperez and Ligue. A visit to Our Lady of Manaoag was but proper, and a quick tour of the towns and cities of Pangasinan.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barnabites in "Nazareth Homes"

Sapang--"Nazareth homes" are families that provide temporary residence to visitors during a religious affair where going home is prohibitive or inconvenient. Such are the families that housed the four postulants on this third day of pastoral immersion. The postulants lived with four separate families and homes for 24 hours, experiencing their life, or at least tried because they were treated more like special guests. A brief visit to the Archbishop, Most Reverend Socrates B. Villegas, DD, of Lingayen-Dagupan, made the team discover the residence of the Archbishop in Dagupan with a personal tour of the place.

After dealing with Duera, the team sought out Banaban, Ligue, Asin and Amamperez in the same manner of asking questions and mingling with the people, doing what they were doing, getting a feel of these places.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A First Look at Duera

Sapang--Yesterday was the Barnabite team's first day of the pastoral immersion in Sapang. The postulants were tasked to mingle with the locals of Duera and learn their means and ways. After contacting the barangay captain of Duera, team also talked with the youth and children in the evening. At the side, the team went corn de-husking and rope building. They managed to help in small ways. Some families were assigned to feed the team during the course of the pastoral immersion.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Barnabites Arrive for Pastoral Immersion

Sapang--Fr. Jimmy, CRSP, a Barnabite priest and five postulants arrived in Sapang for the pastoral immersion from March 5 to 11. This visit is the result of the meeting last February 13 between Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD of Lingayen-Dagupan and four Barnabite Fathers or the members of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, the first religious order named after the Apostle Saint Paul. This religious order has been around in the Philippines since 1987.

The Barnabites were presented by the Team Ministry at the church of Saint Vincent Ferrer during the Mass. Then, they were escorted to the barangay captain's house in Sapang. Hon. Vicente De Leon and his wife welcomed them to their home where they will stay most of the time. over breakfast, the team had a brief overview of Sapang and the people, the prospective barangays under the jurisdiction of Sapang in the future, the life and the problems. The school principal of the Central School met the team and scheduled with them a meeting with the graduating students for vocations.The team had meals in the assigned homes and in the evening were welcomed in a short program. Fr. Anthony Layog, a team minister, was there in the name of the Parish Team Ministry.